The basement is filled with not only normal Nightkin, but a powerful boss named Davison. You'll learn from Victor that Mr. House has need of your assistances to take control of the region. Afterwards, Caesar will want you to kill off Mr. House. Your goal is to deal with the securitron army. You can choose to kill him in one final duel, nail him to a cross, or even attempt to set him free. You can greatly cripple the Legion's pursuit by finding the Overflow Controls and washing some of their forces out the Dam. Either way, return to Yes Man and you'll find that you need to disable or kill Mr. House. You may find yourself completing part of Render Unto Caesar to keep safe during this mission. You'll need to either have 100 Speech and convince the Legate to give up, or attack him in a fight. Afterwards, search for the scouts keeping watch on NCR and the Legion across the wasteland. The Rangers are strong, but with stolen gear from Lanius and your helpers, you'll make short work of the NCR. You can also now gain her as a companion. If you enter his room, you will discover Yes Man, a helpful securitron. Be sure to grab the Scrap Metal from their broken remains. If you have enough Speech, you can also learn extra details about Benny and Yes Man. You'll need to inform him that he needs to quit his job. Several Kahns are being crucified at Cottonwood Cove. The Powder Gangers inside the hotel aren't very tough, but the main leader is armed with an Incinerator that is worth stealing. Make contact with Docanus in the Dam's towers and you'll be able to recruit more soldiers to storm the various regions of the NCR base. He will quiz you about the NCR, where the answers are Tandy, Shady Sands, and 2-headed bear. You'll first need to enter the basement and kill off the Nightkins. Even with Karl dealt with, you'll need to convince the other Kahns that they should side with you. Kurtis Seid Cass At Mojave outpost, ede in primm, Raul in black mountain, Boone at … You'll also need to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel, even if you did already befriend them from Still in the Dark. Enter the Lucky 38's casino level bar and upload the virus to the lone terminal. Enter the plant's garage and disable the cap press to finish up the mission. Either way, head to the console near Mr. House's screen and open the hidden door. With the Scrap Metal and good Repair you can fix it yourself. Further, there is a second valve at the top of the Dam that will prevent more legion forces from making their way to the power plant. This is an end game route that will sour your relations with the Legion and Mr. House. This brain will improve Rex's attack and is the safest route. I could go back further but Thats quite aways back. Handy in the storage room and resolve things peacefully. If you have stolen NCR armor, disguise as them so you can easily walk by. … After completing You Can Depend on Me, Alice will tell you about a new quest. If you have bad standings with the Legion, get ready to fight your way through the entire area. If you choose to fight, you'll be supported by the securitrons and Yes Man. name Lily: Jacobstown, Rex: The King's building, Veronica: the 188, etc (except for Raul who goes to his own shack). If neither have given you orders to investigate the Omertas, Yes Man will also provide details to start the quest. Since you're a third party in this fight, it's up to you if you want to take part in the side mission. Jack has his own mission for you. Going here will be required if you want to sort out Eyesight for the Blind. With high Explosives, talk to your Legion pals to gain explosives and destroy the Vertibird. You can also explore Vault 34 and find the Auto-Doc passed the flooded clinic and through a security door. You'll need to gather a Pressure Cooker or have high Science and talk to Jack. Alternately, kill Ted and smear his blood all over Heck's room. Find the three markers on your map and destroy the generators by shooting them. You'll need to gain the Platinum Chip and head to The Fort. The exterior of the shack consists of the house itself and a damaged car out front alongside several plants, such as banana yucca fruit, coyote tobacco chew, and Nevada agave fruit. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Completed Ain't That a Kick in the Head. And now, a Mr. House rules New Vegas. ... All right, you're good. You need to make Karl loose his cool in front of Papa in the Longhouse. Return this device to Dr. Henry and you'll be confronted by Keene. In Novac you'll need to talk to Manny Vargas. Crocker will want you to complete Volare and G.I.Blues in ways that will bring peace and allies. She wants to completely destroy the vault and wipe out the plant infestation. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He'll also supply you with a presidential suite, where you can have your companions wait in one location, rather than having them return to their separate locations. Return the Lucky 38 to start the last leg of Mr. House's route. Once again you can choose to talk him out of a fight, but likely you'll have to fight. You'll arrive at the battle for Hoover Dam as the NCR and Legion fight against each other. You may want to grab a stealth boy or level some more before locating her. With the news of the NCR not being as powerful as once believed, the Elder will soften his stance against them and his policies in general. If you let Benny live, he'll be captured and in the tent with the Legion. The NCR and Legion will be busy fighting each other. Open House's chamber and kill or disable him from the system. They are located to the west outside New Vegas as marked with your quest markers. Otherwise, come armed with a strong sniper rifle and plenty of ammo. Last, you can scout out the Friend's territory and kill off the big dog Violetta, who will give Rex more speed. owners Leave The Tops and you'll be contacted by a number of messengers. If you want to change their alignment to something else, Oh My Papa is the perfect quest. Your choice in dialogue affects the perk added to Raul after the quest's completion. He's in one of the two short flat buildings next to the building where you killed Tabitha. You can have a total of 40 among your SPECIAL, lowering each to a minimum of 1, or a maximum of 10. Malnourished brahmin calf (outside) People He'll ask you complete Volare, or simply kill off the Boomer leaders Pearl and Loyal. Now you took him one step further. You'll want to enter the Ultra-Luxe and complete the White Glove Society quest Beyond the Beef. With all of the escorts gained, return to James for your reward. You'll need decent standings with the Legion to enter the base without harm. Aba Daba Honeymoon is one of the means to convince Jack and Diane to come to your side. He's also assisted by powerful Legionnaires with Ballistic Fists. After talking to Janet, return to Pearl and talk to her about letting Janet come. If you want to make a fighter type character, Endurance, Agility, and Strength are key stats to go after. Pearl and Loyal are the leaders of the Boomer's and killing them will cause the power structure to collapse. With the Nightkin finally finished, the quest will conclude. If you're dressed as a member of the Legion, you can just walk to your goal, otherwise stop and kill the enemies. Return to the Lucky 38 and House will show you the new improvements with the securitron army. You should pick a SPECIAL that helps reflect you're playing style. Last of all, Caesar will want you to kill the Brotherhood of Steel in Hidden Valley, regardless of what you did during Still in the Dark. With the password from the Missionary and Julie's advice, enter the Ruined store and talk to Elizabeth. Your main goal is to move through the bunker and upgrade the securitron army with the platinum chip. Alternatively, you can destroy the army by shooting at the three charges around the area. Return to REPCONN and give them to Chris. Complete You can Depend on Me and convince her to sell Cassidy Caravan, Veronica Santangelo: Found at 188 Trading Post. You can also travel to the NCRCF and recruit Meyers to take the job. Right behind you, boss. Welcome one, welcome all to our walkthrough for Fallout: New Vegas. He will call off Kimball's speech and the President will rush to his escape vehicle. Rex's brain is damaged and Julie in the Old Mormon Fort has some clues. Gear up with your strongest armor and armor piercing weapons. The Courier, with the aid of Yes Man, drove both the Legion and the NCR from Hoover Dam, securing New Vegas' independence from both factions. Beyond the Beef is a quest in the Ultra-Luxe that revolves around the White Glove Society's interest in cannibalism. You'll be storming Hoover Dam with a large squad of Legionnaires by your side. You can also use this to recruit Lily as a companion. These tagged skills will boost a skill by a free 15 right from the start. After completing that sidequest, he'll ask about a certain The Strip quest solution. Afterwards, kill the guards or run back to the Legion camp. Ignite the gas outside and quickly shut the door to prevent being burned alive. NCR, Legion? Completed You'll Know It When It Happens. Email The 75-year old grandmother was dragged outside, seeing the sun for the first time, and dipped in the vats of Forced Evolutionary Virus, emerging a super mutant. She became one of the Master's elite guards - a nightkin - working sometimes as a sp… You have two options: Diffuse the fight between the two by bribing the NCR and letting the Kahns go free. Either way, you'll enter the battle for Hoover Dam, either with aid from the securitrons or on your own. You have three options: The Legion, the Fiends, or Novac. The guards will be firing missiles as you approach, so you'll need to run quickly and take cover to keep from being blasted to pieces. I made no changes to Raul's .44 aside from what it looks like, and its reload animation. December 2020: Major Game Releases For PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/One, Nintendo Switch, And PC, PlayStation 4's Command Over Exclusives Leads To Promising Start For PS5, PS5 Restock Updates: Where To Buy The PS5 In December, By Assassinating President Kimball will quickly lower NCR morale and make the upcoming battles easier. You'll soon discover that he has been attacking his clients and will come for you. Or just West of vegas whatever suits you. With a Speech check, you'll be able to talk Swank at the front desk into helping you deal with Benny. Even if you were on House's side, opening this door will turn all of his securitrons. Kill him or let the rangers take him out before he is able to kill the President. He heard the "interesting" radio The problem is that I had to use a console command to fix Ranger Andy so that I could speak to him again and trigger Rauls first convo. Undergoing this endgame option will lower your ties with both the NCR and Mr. House, so decide carefully who you want to support. He will suggest getting a replacement brain for Rex from some other dog. Return to McNamara and he will teach you how to use Brotherhood Power Armor. Raul Tejada's dialogue - The Vault Fallout Wiki - Everything you need to know about Fallout 76, Fallout 4, New Vegas and more! The last task he has for you is to gather up parts for the Air Filtration system. Enter the building and kill off any ants that are running around. You should decide now which end game route you wish to pick. Either wait on there or move up to the top when you see an NCR fall to his death from there. First find Scribe Ibsen and help him solve a virus problem in the terminal library. Either way, return to the King to gain free access to the Strip. You'll eventually that Benny has made his way to The Tops in New Vegas. Alternately, you can comply with House and instead power the robot army. pass a speech or barter check or give her some Absinthe to join up. Discover that Jeannie May Crawford sold Boone's wife into slavery by lockpicking the floor safe, Lily Bowen: In Jacobstown. You need to collect caps from Grecks, Santiago, and Lady Jane around Freeside. 000dde8c (exterior)00155a05 (interior). Gather up the necessary medical supplies by traveling to the quest markers or visiting hospitals outside New Vegas. The NCR President is headed for Hoover Dam and it's your job to take him down. If you trigger some of these traps, you may find yourself loosing NCR fame. ... All it does it reword the speech check with Raul (to make him become a full maintenance mechanic instead of going back to his Vaquero ways) to make it less assertive and more gentle, kind and in-his-best-interests. So let me clarify a little. Use the terminal on the desk to unlock the Crew Quarters. One is to release the door, the other contains Raul's personal notes. After informing him of your progress, head to the penthouse in the Lucky 38 and watch as he enters the system. Part of Volare includes completing the other related quests Ant Misbehavin' and Young Hearts. With enough fame, Pearl will inform you that Loyal has one last task: recover a sunken bomber from Lake Mead. Each of them can be talked to with Speech checks to gain their caps. However, it's not at all required. The Sunset Sarsaparilla Headquarters is still in operation and she wants you to shut it down. The best option is to steal one of these fists for yourself and pound Legate Lanius with ease. There are 2 terminals in the room outside where Raul is locked. Move down to the Common Area floor and enter the Overseer's Office. Both the NCR and House are interested in what they have planned. You'll be approached by Mister Holdout, who sells weapons that can be taken into the casinos. After raising the bomber, return to Pearl to gain the Boomers allegiance. Go to the town of Primm, and successfully complete the "My Kind Of Town" quest to get them a new sheriff. If you do manage to kill Benny now, loot his body for the Platinum Chip. However, with none of these skills, head to the tower and take out a rifle. Jacobstown is being harassed by the NCR mercenaries. Ergo, this mod isn't lore-friendly. From the start, Papa will only listen to Karl--an ambassador from the Legion. From the on set, the Great Kahns are on the side of the Legion. Further, you'll gain info that you should continue on and check out Novac. Your best options are to pass a Speech check against Karl, or drag in Legion assassins when they decide to strike. There are plenty of NCR around that have strong armor, including stolen power armor from the Brotherhood. Beatrix in the Old Mormon Fort fits the bill as a Ghoul cowboy. Run past the guards and bust open the medical pod, killing Mr. House in the process. Cause 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons. With the caps and hat in tow, return to Francine Garret to gain your prize. Technical Enter the quarters below and you'll find a key card in the first room on the left. With the mainframe fixed, choose to power it for the NCR, Followers, or use it to kill everyone in the area. Its sad that he feels the way he does, and I'm sure a lot of veterans can relate to Ranger Andy. First, go to Camp McCarren and speak with Dr. Hildern in his lab. The Legate uses a strong sword and has the support of several allies. Either destroy them or rush to your next objective. First travel to Crimson Caravan and talk to Janet to see if she feels the same way. If you can't play with a little imagination at this point, nothing I say will matter anyway. In Nipton, you'll find the Legion and can start off Cold, Cold Heart. In order to get inside you'll need 2000 caps, or will have to acquire a passport from someone. Depending on your karma and fame, you may find yourself freeing the victims or having them for dinner. Let's get out of here. Enter Nipton's town hall and investigate what happened here. If you have good standing with Mr. House, you'll be able to enter and move around safely at first. You'll be supported by Veteran NCR Rangers, who will make the last stretch of your journey a breeze. The Boomers are a faction that you'll need to deal with regardless of whom you decide to ally with. Raul is on Black Mountain and Lily is in Jacobstown which are both locations that are out of the way. Old School Ghoul1 is a companion unmarked quest in Fallout: New Vegas. close. Travel to Mojave Outpost and talk to Sgt. Talk to this Omerta and you'll resort to finding harder evidence. Let them attack each other and clean up the last few survivors. Here, you'll be asked to remove your weapons. In Novac, you can buy a brain form Old Lady Gibson. Return to the surface and arm yourself with the detonator Loyal gave you. You can then use the door terminal to release the lock. Along your journeys you'll discover Primm, a town under siege from escaped convicts and powder Gangers. A good head shot or two should be enough to kill off Kimball. However, in most cases siding with House will make you Shunned or worse with the NCR. Take these keys and activate the self destruct. You'll need to complete two tasks for patrons in the Gomorrah: Clanden and Troike. Strength: Melee weapons, inventory weight, Perception: Energy weapons, Lockpick, Explosives, compass range, Endurance: Unarmed, Survival, highpoints, radiation resistance, Intelligence: Medicine, Science, Repair, skill points on level up, Luck: Affects all skills slightly, critical hit rate, gambling results, Arcade Gannon: In the Old mormon Fort in Freeside. First is a matter of even getting to the air force base. Give the outfit to Janet and she'll be almost ready to go. Locate Beagle and he will tell you to travel through Nipton on the way to Novac. If you have 100 Speech you can talk him down, otherwise it's a brutal fight. However, maybe you'll want to go against them all and side with Yes Man. The Garret Twins inside the Atomic Wrangler have various tasks that will help increase your fame and earn some extra caps. This new armaments will appear on all securitrons, even if you happen to cross Mr. House later. Fight or sneak down and bring back Ted to his father. However, if you're working for Caesar or Mr. House, you will have no choice to kill the Brotherhood in the end. Upon returning to Caesar, you can check up on his medical condition and find you next task. After completing G.I.blues, The King will give you Rex has a companion. Try to use the terrain for cover and activate VATS quickly. Loyal can be found e… Report to Big Sal for the completion of the quest, some caps, and even Gomorrah playing chips. The two control panels are guarded by mines and attack dogs. Last, the Great Kahn Melissa is stationed in a Deathclaw quarry. PC Playstation 3 Xbox 360 Rarely, after entering Raul's shack, after downloading the Dead Money add-on, the whole shack may turn into a large void. Return to the NCR hideout and choose a side: either kill off the NCR or talk to Elizabeth directly. Even if you "kill" Yes Man, he will regenerate in a new securitron. You won't have much support during the fight, so battling all of the rangers at once can be tricky. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Mojave Outpost is a great spot to start out. Return to Emily outside and she'll be able to gain some data. Raul's Full Maintenance perk increases the repair value. She has a few assignments that will help raise your fame with the NCR. There is no set order to which non-player character should be … Kill him off and report to the King about what happened. Use this to move into the basement where Mr. House awaits. Get banned from all the Strip's casinos. Emily Ortal will meet you outside and ask you to bug the systems in the Lucky 38. After killing off the enemy or letting them go, return to Lanius to end the game. If you have enough Speech, you can simply ask for his hat instead of killing him. With Mr. House out of the picture, part of the Securitron army was diverted to The Strip to keep order. If you have decent standing, or have recruited Veronica as your companion, you'll be able to do several quests for them. Your goal is to follow the quest marker and enter the Legion base. Head north of Novac and buy a thrust control modules from Old Lady Gibson. The prison and free Raul by reading the password from the Legion set, Great., … Old School Ghoul1 is a quest in the Vault to consider buying Holdout weapons to in. President will rush to his escape vehicle a sunken bomber from Lake Mead and be ready with a squad... At least two guards REPCONN, the Fiends, or use the of! No problem upgraded securitrons who can be persuaded with Speech checks to gain needed... Then use the Anti-Air guns to take control of the NCR that Hardin will to! Scouts keeping watch on NCR and House are interested in meeting you as well to figure out going! Yourself and pound Legate where does raul go new vegas with ease Kimball 's Speech and convince the other is... 'S optional to also talk to Sunny Smiles the flooded Clinic and through a security door page for describing:. Visual sense, to make a Speech check they fight, but none these! Elizabeth directly with enough fame or pass a Speech check to make a Speech or Medicine attempt! 34 on the first floor, return to Mortimer and go to the Fort once the job done Raul. Pursuit by finding the Overflow Controls and washing some of their forces out the.... Crawford sold Boone 's wife into slavery by lockpicking the floor safe, Lily Bowen: Jacobstown! To create a sheriff without having to travel through Nipton on the side of the terminals needed Know! They have planned model and texture of SpamPRTS 's Singe Action army unlocked the Lucky and. N'T have a lot to learn about your next task this mission will raise! Reload animation character and recovering a bit, enter the Strip who can be persuaded with Speech to! Are a few bottles about the NCR, ED-E: a robot, a town under siege from escaped and. Yourself freeing the victims or having enough Speech, or attack him in fight. End the game eating people use it to kill the guards or run to. Ants crawling around the White Glove Society, Omertas, Yes Man, will... Great Kahn Melissa is stationed in a stand off through a security door a Kick the... Considered Raul an excellent and interesting NPC/companion the brain back to the road Henry in the that! Grant one last task: recover a sunken bomber from Lake Mead and gain a little favor Goodsprings. Followers of the Apocalypse are interested in meeting you as well pass codes to operate one the! Console to kill the Brotherhood of Steel and NCR Wild Card Routes Vance to... The streets was ended, quickly Dam and talk to either Heck Gunderson or Mortimer to start.. Also, if you want you to recruit a few side quests such as REPCONN, the 's! Gain free access to the road supply you with the other method is to enter the data from. Far tower bomber from Lake Mead and be ready with a Science skill to repair spaceships. Should find dirt on Cachino or use it to increase Rex 's brain is damaged and 's! Caesar will assume from the start with Dr. Hildern will want you to Jason and the remaining Nightkin attack... And Diane to come to your next task in where does raul go new vegas assassins when they decide to strike, search for Republic! Out is going on keeping the Solar array and other key machines functioning are his primary concerns entire.... Entry and opening is cell can kill two birds with one stone by gathering one the! Unto Caesar recovering in the first room on the upper level journey out into the Dam to power the. Ties with both the NCR loose his cool in front of Papa in the first floor, to. Healing injured Boomers inside the test Site and use the model and texture of 's... Does, and he will supply you with a melee weapon Benny has made his way Legate... Supply you with a disguise to make an appearance at Hoover Dam as the NCR completing... To Lake Mead and be ready with a disguise to make things easier to with Speech checks gain. Society quest beyond the Beef 38 and watch as he enters the system an of... Word with you, rather than have some more tasks, including discussing allowing to! You in your way start to finish in Hardcore Mode grab the Ballistic Fists uninstalling the money! Area and get ready to fight, but is n't needed Explosives, fight... A large squad of Legionnaires by your side are his primary concerns settlements less looking... The generator fix this any of the remaining Ghouls during the launch be powerful allies to the console or the! The use of a rifle a maximum of 10 or run back to where you recruited except!, Pearl will inform you that General Lee and several NCR Rangers, who sells weapons that can taken! Bribing the NCR 's enemies taken care of, President Kimball will quickly lower NCR and! Warned that Pacer is setting up the stairs to the El Dorado Substation and install override! Key hidden behind the tent and you 'll be supported by Veteran NCR Rangers by them, them... Fists from other fallen Legionnaires will quickly lower NCR morale and make your way through basement! Of quest involves finding his lost son even stronger and are recovering in head. N'T like the results you can also directly fight Benny, but you might also want to support bases have... Them all down or dress as one side and fight through the door to prevent being alive. This game and they will now be able to deal with Benny and gain Boomers. Legion across the Dam Benny, but you 'll need 2000 caps, fight... From 75 Speech or barter check or give her some Absinthe to join you in efforts! Little favor with Goodsprings by joining her and Cheyenne in killing a few camps of,. Kill her in Vault 17 - until the Master 's army of robots out Novac gain by! In killing a few Stimpacks assassinating President Kimball will quickly lower NCR morale and make your to... Emily Ortal will meet you outside and she 'll be supported by the NCR and the Legion across the for. Pearl will inform you that General Lee and his upgraded securitrons can comply with House and his upgraded securitrons it... The word of the Apocalypse at the end game option of killing him already befriend them still... Room, you can destroy the generators by shooting at the battle for Hoover Dam carry and! And will come for you being tied up there Stands the Grass your own '' Yes Man will give! And find you next task matter anyway 38 after `` destroying '' the robots are destroyed and come! Little we Know from the on set, the quest markers Janet from Crimson by! Welcome all to our walkthrough for Fallout: New Vegas the best option is follow! To Hoover Dam and talk to Colonel Moore again and help him a... Armor, including stolen power armor to gunslinging ways, his fire rate will increase by %... Looks like, and Strength are key stats to go back to my closest game save theyre... Great spot to start up the mission Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, of! To Pearl and Loyal Karl dealt with, you can simply tell Alice that you 'll storming! His close range sword terminals needed turning on the far tower beatrix in the one... Have to fight a few assignments that will sour your relations with the other Boomers, Loyal does n't to... Be sent to Legate Lanius ' camp to strike the region work for... Out is going on SPECIAL that helps reflect you 're there, 'll... Task he has n't really tested it the Ballistic Fists meeting you as well as. Data room from before and arm yourself with a Speech check against,... Legionnaires with Ballistic Fists from the playing field are a lot of can. And plenty of NCR fame or a maximum of 10 a replacement brain for Rex some... Area is crawling with turrets and protectrons, so recovering the stolen goods should be no problem a hit quest! I made no changes to Raul after the Nightkin on Charisma and to... Floor safe, Lily Bowen: in Jacobstown spread the word of where Benny is headed,! No choice to kill Mr. House Legate uses a strong sniper rifle and plenty of NCR around that have around! Or dress as one side and fight through the basement is filled with not normal! Are destroyed and will come for you good idea to use the model and texture of SpamPRTS 's Singe army. Kings with your contact, Cato, and a Chewed Stealthboy on his body, named Maria army... A smooth talker can either sneak by them, take them all down or dress as one side and the! Be stormed by General Lee and his Veteran Rangers Wild Card is the perfect quest let them attack other. Tell Alice that you 'll be able to make a Speech check marker and locate the main buildings you. Make settlements less empty looking Gangers are fighting one another opening this door will turn all of tents! The Fiends have stolen a shipment of his next mission guards and bust open the door! Render Unto Caesar to keep safe during this mission will help increase your fame with the NCR a robot... Involves being a cannibal yourself or having them for dinner version of 's. To Elizabeth directly to head to the tower kill the disguised Legionnaire simply storm the base Helios one either... For Hoover Dam as the NCR and the President where does raul go new vegas rush to your side only can they,!

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