December 2014 in Problem solving. After 4 to 5 years you may remove 1/3 of the oldest stems, and thereafter prune every 2 or 3 years. There is NEVER a good time to prune viburnums. The other overgrown viburnum needs less drastic renewal pruning over the next three or four seasons. There is no new growth, other than a few inches at the extremities of the branches. If so, when? If your Viburnum tinus (ornamental shrub) gets too big you can renovate it by drastic pruning. But if you have no choice, just get your shears and do it at your own convenience. Buds for Korean spice viburnums form on the prior season's growth. Drastic pruning. JHW Posts: 2. Heavy pruning should only be done at this time since you can easily destroy next year’s flowers by removing old wood. Should I prune my dwarf cranberrybush viburnum? Deadheading, or cutting off the flowers, won’t harm viburnum. Pruning . Attaining tree size at 12' by 12', clusters of tiny white flowers resembling snowballs cover … Immediately after it flowers next spring, remove dead stems and suckers, and prune … Simply cut the tips to promote branching and a bushier look. “Viburnum pruning should be an exercise in restraint,” writes Michael Dirr, the famed professor of horticulture from the University of Georgia whose “Manual of Woody Landscape Plants” is the standard reference. If you are pruning overgrown loropetalum, you might prune it back two times during the year, reducing it each time by about 25 percent. Owdboggy . On the other hand, if you want to dramatically reduce plant size, feel free to chop off as much as you like. How to prune 2 mature viburnums. If this is not needed, then you don't need to prune. You'll either miss out on the flowers or the gorgeous clusters of berries many of them put out late summer. So prune after flowering in spring, cutting back shoots that spoil the shape of the shrub. Pruning a loropetalum can even be done with shears. Pruning Cranberry Viburnum. While there are over 150 varieties of viburnum, one of the most popular is known as the "snowball bush." This is one shrub that accepts almost any pruning. Expect viburnum snowball bushes to blossom in May. A detailed explanation of the benefits, techniques and results associated with dormant pruning of deciduous shrubs. The shrub flowers on the previous year’s growth. Prune the bush after the flowers bloom in spring. Old or crowded plants may be thinned and shortened to bring flowers to eye level. Prune Viburnums after flowering only if pruning is necessary for shaping. Prune plants to improve structure, control their size, stimulate new growth or eliminate damaged or diseased branches. Pruning shrub. I have inherited a mature garden of 20 years plus. 13 Mar, 2016 . Therefore, if you wish to prune the plants back in order to shape them and/or restrict their size, do your pruning just after they have finished flowering. When to prune the laurustinus or Viburnum tinus. There is a Viburnum carlesii and a Viburnum farreri ( I think) which are 8 ft shrubs with about 4 thick stems each.

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