Buy online w/ Free Shipping over $125! Once established this boxwood is drought tolerant. Size: 1 Gal, 2 Gal, 5 Gal. Size. For growing as a hedge, space should be reduced to 2 feet (50-60 cm). Dense evergreen maintains its round form when left unpruned for easy maintenance, and retains its rich, green foliage throughout winter. $39.99 1. Buxus sempervirens 'MonAlex' Plant Patent #27,647 Item #5761 Dwarf Hedge Plant . All this reduces the need for pruning. Pruning this plant will help keep new growth in check. Buxus x 'Green Velvet' Item #1389 Dense Evergreen Foliage . Boxwood comes in many varieties, from the extremely slow growing Dwarf English Boxwood to the shade loving Kind Midas or the varieties typically used to sculpt topiary living art in the shapes of cones, balls and squares. It is very similar to ‘Green Velvet’. Chicagoland Green ™ will bronze slightly in winter especially when planted in full sun. It adapts to a wide range of soil conditions and keeps its color … Sunshine Ligustrum Privet Shrub with Golden-Yellow Foliage : Price $ 17 60 $ 28 36 $ 31 11 $ 32 98. Green Velvet Boxwood . The bright-green foliage of boxwoods looks good as a backdrop for a variety of native flowering plants. The most common used for home landscaping include Green Gem, Wintergreen. BUY ONLINE. The key to success with boxwood is excellent drainage. Green Velvet Boxwood is similar in size to Dwarf English Boxwood. Buxus Green Velvet Dwarf Boxwood live plant evergreen shrub | Etsy. Whichever type of boxwood you decide to grow, good soil preparation and attention to watering will make sure your new plants get off to a flying start and soon get to work bringing order and structure to your garden. “ Green Beauty and Green Mountain are lovely, dark-green and upright making them idea for a tall, dense hedge. Buy online w/ Free Shipping over $125! Golden Triumph Boxwood . Size: 3 to 4 feet tall and wide; USDA Hardiness Zones: 4 to 9; Green Velvet Boxwood Live Plant. Winter Gem, and Green Velvet. GREEN VELVET BOXWOOD is an evergreen shrub with small green leaves. Call to Order! Excellent in smaller gardens, borders and focal areas. Bronzed foliage will typically disappear quickly in spring as temperatures rise. Green Velvet Boxwoods grow in full sun to part shade. SKU: N/A Category: Evergreens. Pick Japanese boxwood or American boxwood for warmer states, or the very popular ‘Green Velvet’ as a general-purpose hedging or specimen variety. Add 2-3 inches of mulch to help your new plants stay moist. English boxwood, Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’, is a dwarf boxwood and is technically a form of American boxwood. This slow growing evergreen grows about three feet tall and wide when it is fully mature. Thrives in areas that receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day . your own Pins on Pinterest Green Velvet: Buxus hybrid ‘Green Velvet’ 5-8: Full Sun, Part Sun, Shade: medium: 2-3″ 2×2.5′ 2.75×3.5′ Harland: Buxus harlandii: 7-9: Part Sun, Shade: slow-medium: 1-3″ 2.25×2′ 3×2.75′ insularis Nana: Buxus sinica var. Buxus x 'Green Mountain' Item #1382 Handsome Evergreen Hedge .

Boxwood, or Buxus, plants are very popular evergreen shrubs typically used as either an edge, a hedge or as a topiary specimen. Choose from varieties such as the "Variegated English" Boxwood (Buxus sempervirens “Variegata”) or the "Green Beauty" boxwood (Buxus microphylla japonica “Green Beauty”). Some of the companion plants to pick are spirea, maiden grass, coneflower, lilac, and gayfeather. It is a cold-hardy hybrid boxwood that was developed in Canada. Buxus Dwarf Green Velvet Boxwood Shrubs are exceptionally compact. Shop Now. Morris midget has a slow growth rate, having an ability to grow up to 12 inches tall to 18 inches wide. Dwarf English boxwood stays nice and low for small hedges in ground or in a container as an accent. Green Velvet Boxwood Shrub: 1 Gal. Regular price $29.99 Sale price. Discover (and save!) Leaves infested with leafminer larvae usually present with misshapen, yellow or brown swollen spots and often drop from the plant. Water deeply twice weekly when newly planted to help the roots grow properly. Chicagoland Green ™ will grow slightly wider than tall. Winter burn is a common problem of boxwoods. It can take several years for a boxwood to reach mature size: something to keep in mind if trying to grow them into hedges. A small, rounded shrub that forms tufts of growth resembling a cloud if unsheared. Excellent in smaller gardens, borders and focal areas. The hybrid boxwoods inherited the dwarf size and increased winter hardiness of the Korean boxwood and the compact growth habit and better winter foliage color of the common boxwood. The "Green Velvet" boxwood grows at a moderate pace, reaching a height of 3 to 4 feet with an equal spread. 2 Gal. The "Green Velvet" boxwood also thrives in USDA zones 4 through 9. Green Velvet (Buxus hybrid 'Green Velvet') This plant has a rounded form if not pruned. Become a Partner. Green velvet boxwood foundation and hedge shrub is popular for use as a low hedge, and looks great in formal gardens . Dwarf Green Velvet Boxwood. It is deer resistant and disease-free. The dense foliage retains its rich green color throughout winter. It is a selected seedling cross between Buxus sempervirens and Buxus sinica var. The distance at which you can plant plants close to it is 3 feet (90 cm). The growth rate is not too high. This variety grows beautifully in moderate cold regions if given a bit of protection. English boxwood, Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’, is a dwarf boxwood and is technically a form of American boxwood. Green velvet boxwood is native to Ontario, Canada. The shape of the bush is spherical and slightly oval. It is a dense variety with more oval leaves. Additional information Additional information. Petite Pillar™ Dwarf Boxwood . Hence, it makes sense to use bright floral, evergreen plants like daylilies and columbines to add more color to the shrub. How to Plant Green Velvet Boxwood Bushes. Green Velvet Boxwood Problems ; Are Asters Susceptible to Deer or Rabbits? This means that having them in your landscape may require a great deal more effort to keep them looking good. This popular boxwood is also called the Green Velvet. Green Velvet Boxwood is one of the best spreading forms with a beautiful rich, deep green color. Produces lustrous evergreen foliage that holds its color through the winter. Like green beauty boxwood, dwarf hedge plant also needs partial to full sun and regular watering for its full growth. Boxwoods are great in pots with very little maintenance. It may cause you some pretty serious concern the first time you see it, but a little bit isn’t usually a major problem. BUY ONLINE. Use it as a hedge where wildlife can nest or a natural fence. Green Mountain Boxwood . This hybrid boxwood can reach a width of 4 feet (1.2 m) in maturity. Considered to be the most resistant to boxwood leaf miner. If you want a small, compact, low … Urban smog, changing climates, and even drought won't harm it. Hardiness Zone: Additional Characteristics: Common Name: Evergreen or Deciduous: … Size: 1 Gallon $29.99 (25% Off) 2 Gallon $49.99. Hence, one should know the basic difference between English Boxwood and Green Gem Boxwood if you are planning to have them in your garden to enhance its beauty. CareFollow regular watering schedule during the first growing. The foliage on this cultivar is a beautiful medium to light-green in spring and slowly transitions to a dark green. Pruning should be done in early spring before leafing out. The boxwood leafminer is the most serious pest of boxwoods, according to Clemson Cooperative Extension. Green Velvet Boxwood ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Prices start at : 39.95 USD / 1 pcs . A part of the Sheridan Green Series, Sheridan Nurseries gives us Green Gem Boxwood. Ratings (64) (7) (72) (128)Sun Tolerance: Mature Height (in.) Cold-Hardy Boxwoods. Wintergreen boxwood (Buxus microphylla japonica ‘Wintergreen’) is an example of a Japanese boxwood. Japanese boxwoods, Buxus microphylla japonica, are very adaptable. Its compact size allows for use where other common Boxwood varieties like Green Velvet may outgrow in time. This boxwood hybrid combines the best characteristics of two other boxwoods — the hardiness and compactness of the Korean boxwood as well as the velvety deep green foliage of the English boxwood. Slow growing, dwarf form. Boxwood – Pruning, Winter Care and Fertilizing. Repeat pruning through summer as needed. Blue Star Juniper Shrub Turquoise and Silver, Low Maintenance Dwarf Conifer Drought Tolerant: 2 Gal. Green Velvet Boxwood quantity. Buxus microphylla 'Golden … Thrives in areas that receive full sun, and requires semi-moist soil for healthy plant growth. Green Velvet Boxwood has been bred for cold hardiness and color by crossing the 2 main species of boxwoods. It is one of most weather-resistant varieties, but the sheen of its foliage can become a bit dull with changing seasons. These shrubs are somewhat slow-growing, with firm, thick leaves that are on the small side. Japanese boxwoods, Buxus microphylla japonica, are very adaptable. The tiny orange flies that swarm the plant aren't so much the problem as their larvae are -- when the eggs hatch, the tiny larvae feast on the leaves. Green Velvet Boxwood is a compact growing boxwood variety. Quantity: Add to Cart. Feb 23, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Barbara McNeill. This Buxus cultivar is cold-hardy, relatively resistant to disease, and easy to care for. It's also suited for dense, low hedges. insularis) compact dimensions with English boxwood’s (B. sempervirens) lustrous, oval deep-green foliage. As spring arrives, tiny white flowers emerge that are elegantly attractive and fragrant. Green Mountain (Buxus hybrid 'Green Mountain') Bright green foliage retains its color all winter long. Boxwoods suffer badly in winter because they’re native to areas where winters are very mild. Boxwoods are evergreen, so besides adding color to the winter garden, it continues to offer wildlife such as birds protection all winter. It is a dense variety with more oval leaves. Add to cart. This dwarf (adorable) globe shaped broadleaf evergreen is great for tight spaces and of course hedging, true to Boxwood culture. They adapt well to a variety of well-draining soils. The aromatic green velvet boxwood is very versatile and may be used in formal and informal landscaping. It is an excellent cold-hardy cultivar that is extremely uniform in its growth. This shrub all often used in mass or as a hedge but their care can be the same if used as a specimen. Versatile, dwarf Green Velvet boxwood (Buxus “Green Velvet” COPF) weds Korean boxwood’s (B. sinica var. It has a moderate growth rate and can easily be kept any shape or form with occasional shearing.

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